//UMN Twin Cities v/s VT v/s NCSU v/s Stony Brook

UMN Twin Cities v/s VT v/s NCSU v/s Stony Brook

Battle Compare Amongst:

  1. University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
  2. Virginia Tech
  3. North Carolina State University
  4. Stony Brook
  5. University at Buffalo

Back in 2014 (Data is till 2014 only), when I was making a decision to choose in between these 5 universities for Undergraduation in US, I researched a lot. I never really went to US due to financial crisis but it would be awesome to help someone deciding on any of these universities.

There are a lot of ranking and reviewing sites which I refered for accumulating this data. The only way I could compare so much of data was by putting it in Excel Sheet and color coding it.
The colors I used are:

  • White – Neutral
  • Red – Bad
  • Yellow – Okay
  • Green – Good

Now this coding is as per my view.

The Excel Sheet includes data on following attributes:

  • CS Major %
  • Popular Major and %
  • Setting
  • White %
  • Out of state cost, estimated total ~ Bigfuture
  • Undrgrad Population
  • Weather Yearly Stats
  • Min. and Max. Temp.
  • Cappex Rating (out of 5)
  • No. of Cappex Reviews
  • Cost of Living Index
  • National Rank USNEWS
  • CS Dept. Rank USNEWS
  • CS Jobs/Internship numbers
  • HS Counselor Rate
  • Forbes Rank
  • Campus Life & Facilities
  • Campus Environment
  • # of Organizations
  • Campus Size
  • Rankings & Lists
  • Academic Rating
  • Graduation Rates – 6 Years
  • International
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