December 2018

Thread Synchronization with Lock in Python

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Why Lock() ? When 2 or more operations belonging to concurrent threads try to access the shared memory, a race condition can occur The easiest way to get around the race conditions is the use of a lock The operation of a lock is simple when a thread wants to access a portion of shared [...]

Python – using Thread in a Subclass

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Implement a New Thread Using the Threading Module Define a new subclass of the Thread class Override the __init__(self [, args]) method to add additional arguments Override the run(self [,args]) method to implement what the thread should do when it is started. When this is done, you can start a new thread by invoking the start [...]

Defining a Thread in Python

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The Python Threading Module Python manages a thread via the threading package It provides some very interesting features that make the threading-based approach easier The threading module provides several synchronization mechanisms that are very simple to implement Major Components of Threading Module thread object lock object RLock object semaphore object condition object event object Defining [...]

Working with Threads in Python

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What is a Thread? A thread is an active flow of control that can be activated in parallel with other threads within the same process. Each thread can execute a set of instructions independently and in parallel with other processes or threads. They share space addressing and then the data structures. A thread is sometimes [...]

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Ping Machines On Multiple Subnets

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Concept All the hosts in a network must have the same network number. This property of IP addressing can cause problems as networks grow. For example, consider a university that started out with one class B network used by the Computer Science Dept. for the computers on its Ethernet. A year later, [...]

December 2016

10 Reasons to Play More Games

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Gamers Express More Gamers would start off more with the angry emotion as they would lose more than win in games. This is totally fine as they would let themselves loose. Games are mixed with emotions, especially dyanmics games like Dota 2, which bring various emotions of a gamer out. Hand-Eye Coordination [...]