December 2018

Defining a Thread in Python

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The Python Threading Module Python manages a thread via the threading package It provides some very interesting features that make the threading-based approach easier The threading module provides several synchronization mechanisms that are very simple to implement Major Components of Threading Module thread object lock object RLock object semaphore object condition object event object Defining [...]

Working with Threads in Python

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What is a Thread? A thread is an active flow of control that can be activated in parallel with other threads within the same process. Each thread can execute a set of instructions independently and in parallel with other processes or threads. They share space addressing and then the data structures. A thread is sometimes [...]

April 2017

December 2016

UMN Twin Cities v/s VT v/s NCSU v/s Stony Brook

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Battle Compare Amongst: University of Minnesota - Twin Cities Virginia Tech North Carolina State University Stony Brook University at Buffalo Back in 2014 (Data is till 2014 only), when I was making a decision to choose in between these 5 universities for Undergraduation in US, I researched a lot. I never really went to US [...]

Top 10 Universities for Undergraduation in Computer Science in US

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In 2014 I planned to go for undergraduation to US so I went for counselling, SAT classes and did a lot of research to shortlist the universities. I planned for picking the best budget college in US for Computer Science Program. I did not take into account location or other factors that may be personalized [...]

First Year Engineering Graphics Assignments

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  These are the Engineering Graphics (EGR) Assignments which I did in first year of engineering. It was fun learning a new software Auto CAD for doing these assignments but it wasn't fun to do on a very slow computer. [...]