I am a budding Digital Designer and Developer from India living in Pune.

Online gaming and Social networking were my starter packs to digital world & internet.

Starting with simple hacking using .Sol Editor and Cheat Engine I joined the YouTube community in 2007 with my channel. Slowly I kept googling many things, with over 20,000 searches currently, to expand my general knowledge and interest in web. I did not start anything serious until after my Higher Secondary Education.

Out of the opportunity to go for undergraduation in US, I started Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of my own name. I created my presence on linkedin, codecademy, tumblr,, twitter and quora to name a few. However, I was not able to go for undergraduation, even though I was admitted to Virginia Tech, due to financial reasons.

I joined MIT College of Engineering in Computer Engineering Branch. I did not waste any time and became the class representative to polish my leadership quality. I also joined Google Developers Group (GDG) of Pune and organized workshops related to bots and android app making. Pursuing my own interest in app development and in helping my class mates I launched an app Formulae Box on PlayStore.

After First Year, I joined a project to redesign our college website. This is how I learned about web development and web designing. Ultimately the project was cancelled but I worked with my senior for Techiterian. Eventually this website was born.